1185577_199578110219428_54151688_nYou can turn your dislike for someone into indifference. This makes it much more simple to cast aside the behavior, actions, or words of others. It does *not* mean you are fake, as this image says. It just means you don’t need to like OR dislike someone. It means that it doesn’t matter to YOU what their feelings of you are. And so very often, when someone else is unable to do the same — if you listen carefully to what’s behind their behavior, actions, and words — they are telling you how they feel about themselves.

That being said… You never have to fake it to make it. You are in charge of who you keep in your life. You are never stuck with anyone who doesn’t treat you kindly or with respect, or does not share your value system.

Go Gallant!

~ Heather Angelika
Founder/Owner of Gallant Girls 


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