Gallant Girls & Guys,

We have our FIRST contest submission (and probably not her last because she’s admitted to drawing more than just *this* Gallant Girl)!

Meet Caeli Wilkerson! Caeli is quite the Gallant Girl! (After all, she’s the very FIRST to enter the Ultimate Gallant Girl Icon Contest, and that’s pretty brave if you ask me!) Caeli is 12 years old and in the 7th grade, and so obviously super talented!

As far as Caeli and her art experience and advice goes to those who may be apprehensive about daring to try, this is what she had to say to all the Gallant Girls like her out there:

“I started [drawing] when I found a show that I liked and [I] started drawing characters from that [and] then I just kept going… I found a website that had tutorials and I started drawing everything!

If I can give any advice, I would say to never give up and take your time. I get frustrating sometimes, but it is always totally worth it in the end — trust me! I love drawing because you can create anything real or imaginary and it’s yours and yours only.

Can’t wait to have my drawings on the Gallant Girl site!”

Way to go, Caeli! You’re a rockstar! I LOVE your interpretation of a Gallant Girl! Keep up the good work!#impressivestuff


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