It’s pretty difficult not to have some pinhole into other people’s lives with the way social networking has become a social norm in many parts of the world. It’s nearly impossible not to find something about someone on the internet, if you want to. I just opened a LinkedIn account this week, and when I did, I accidently clicked on everyone in my e-mail list (because it’s the first step when you set up the account) without realizing it! Fortunately, I caught what I was doing midway through (I’m not the most skilled multi-tasker), but now the receptionist at my salon, the owners of the bed & breakfast we just stayed at in Yorktown, and our neighborhood librarian have all viewed my profile back. ::facepalm::

In all seriousness, however, it is never okay to be in someone’s business without their invitation or permission. Some people cherish their privacy, choose to not engage people with their personal life, or need parts of their lives to remain anonymous because leaving it all behind in one environment is their escape from another one. Honor that. They will notice that about you more than droves of gossipers.

Whatever is put out there in the open is fair game, it’s true. BUT, when you take interest in a book — learning, films, writing, hobbies, you name it — suddenly what is going on in someone else’s life seems far less intriguing. As it should be! Any information you receive secondhand is not really information, and there’s far richer things to be doing with your time. (When I begin writing, what feels like was just 2 minutes turns out to be 2 hours, every time!) Whenever you get that urge to spend time nosing around and prowling about, or to get involved in group mentality gossip-mongering, try remembering that there are many, many lives in many, many worlds that are out there and inviting you in everyday — worlds tucked between pages that are not private, and give you complete permission to prowl about as much as your curiosity desires.

~ Heather Angelika
Founder/ Owner of Gallant Girls


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