The Ultimate Gallant Girl Icon Contest!

Contest Description:

Believe it or not, before I found this clipart that is currently the profile photo here on Gallant Girls Facebook page, this is the general idea I had come up with as a brainchild and envisioned. I did not picture a cartoon, per se, but I dreamt up a young girl in full body armor/warrier gear carrying a sword and shield. Hair color, eye color, and regalia were not specific, however. Yet, I *did* see her on a unicorn — not a horse, but a unicorn. All that I saw was a brave, courageous, daring, and strong young woman ready to conquer anything in her path!

Even so, upon further thought, I realize that a brave, courageous, daring and strong young woman could mean a LOT of different things to a lot of different people. I am wholly interested in YOUR interpretation, and THAT is what is going to make this illustration/graphic design contest all the more delightful, inspiring, and informative! So, providing the information of *my* vision that I just stated, I urge you to follow your instincts of what is true to you and go willy-nilly! Surprise me or stun me with your creation of my vision; whichever best suits YOUR imagination! As I have said, this is a joint effort, and you may have a vision that I never even fathomed.

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Contest Guidelines:

* Resolution of image must be: 851 x 315 px @ 72 dpi

* For print designers, feel free to provide 300 dpi @ the same proportions

~ Note: For those who are sending illustrations, we will be sending them to a graphic artist to clean them up and make them more website compatible. If you wish to see them before they are initiated into the website (and other social networking sites), we can send you the final format for you to approve, but you must state that in your submission entry.

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Please send all submissions to:


(Following the guidelines above.)

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Contest Fun Stuff:

Even if your submission is not elected to be the Ultimate Gallant Girl Icon, you *will* have your artwork showcased by way of being the GG Cover Photo for one week. Included in being featured as the GG Cover Photo will be all the information you’d like associated with your artwork/submission — name, background information, medium, links to your personal pages (www, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, etc.). We’re interested in celebrating anyone who is interested in the arts and what it means to be “Gallant”!

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Contest Winnings:

The lucky artist who creates our final Ultimate Gallant Girl Icon will win:

* The longstanding accomplishment of being the talented, gallant creator of Gallant Girls icon on, not only Facebook, but the official website (gallantgirls.com), official Twitter link, and official Google + page

* A t-shirt that says, “I’m Not Strong for a Girl, Just Strong!” in whatever size you request

* A surprise $50.00 gift card that will show up in your mailbox once your name is announced and you have included your mailing address

* Something to put on your resume or announce to your peers/friends (if you’re a young Gallant Girl or Guy!)

* Overwhelming happiness and gratitude from GG! ::squee::


~ Heather Angelika
Owner/Founder of Gallant Girls


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