Though being told you’re pretty is never an insult (my husband tells me I am “so pretty” and constantly says “my beautiful wife” all of the time and I certainly don’t begrudge him for it!), per se, all women want to be more than *just* pretty.

All throughout my dating and married life, I have asked my partners WHY they love(d) me. I have never done this out of neediness, but in the spirit of inquiry. How people answer this question tells you a lot about how they see you, and though this may seem like a vainglorious question when asked, it is not—it is rooted in the desire to be with someone who truly understands and gets you. This is an important question because the answer is of the utmost importance. Don’t be afraid to ask it!

For instance: I would much rather be with someone who said I was something like “warmhearted” than I would want to be with someone who just said I was “cool”. In other words, how someone answers “Why do you love me?” tells you a whole lot about THEM. Sometimes the answers are lackluster and rather disappointing, and what this tells you is that they don’t have their whole heart in because they still haven’t found what makes you sparkle and glitter…

…how complexly and uniquely you’re wired.

I was once told that the reason I was loved was because of my “curiosity about life”, my “fearless creativity”, how I am an “artist in everything I do”, and my “openness—how I look at everyone and everything right in the eye, with complete abandon of inhibition”. I was immediately answered, without hesitation and succinctly,

Because of your imagination”.

You never forget the truly perfect reason to be loved……to you.

Whatever the truly perfect reason to be loved is to you, the answer to this one—seemingly vain question—can tell you a lot about how much a person is paying attention to how “pretty” you REALLY are.

~ Heather Angelika
Owner/Founder of Gallant Girls


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