I could NOT love this more! There’s a time and a place for seriousness, and there is most certainly a time and a place to be responsible, BUT there is never a time in our lives that we should lose sight of our playfulness and zealous spirit. I’ve always said that I suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome (and it couldn’t be more true!), which loosely translates to: I never want to grow up. I don’t consider this a bad thing; I consider this a gift. I am *obviously* an adult — my wrinkles, life experience, and social security card prove it — but that doesn’t mean I have to lose my inner child, or deny her and kick her out because it’s time she starts paying rent. I am raising my daughter to be the same way. I want her to be responsible enough to fulfill her dreams and her responsibilities to those things she’s started, but I NEVER want her turn her back on her magic and wildness and youth. I never want her to lose her wonder, curiosity, enchantment and passion. Don’t become a vacuum that sucks these things out of other people just because you have had them, or let them, be sucked out of you. Get “bigger” with wisdom, but never grow old, my friends!

~ Heather Angelika
Owner/Founder of Gallant Girls 


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