Dear Gallant Girls & Guys,

It has been requested to me by a fellow Gallant Girl member that I entertain the idea of writing a “Column” — essentially a Dear Abby for modern-time Gallant Girls. I think this is a really keen idea, but I am not sure I am entirely equip to write proper, educated responses?! Nonetheless, I am willing to give it a whirl and see how everyone responds! It sounds like a great addition to the Gallant Girls Official Website, however, until we have our contest winner from the Gallant Girl Icon Contest, we will not be publishing the page. I can begin to do this “Dear Gallant Girl” column here, if you participants are interested… You can either private message me your anonymous column letters here at the Gallant Girls Facebook Page, or you can e-mail them in at: gallantgirlsunite@gmail.com

I will try to get to the the letters at a reasonable pace, and I currently have one from the young woman Gallant Girl who made this suggestion to me that I will get to first thing tomorrow.

Thank you for such a great suggestion, and I look forward to hearing from those of you who would be interested in contributing.

Thank you for all your creative suggestions and ideas!

“Not strong for a girl, just strong!”

~ Founder/Owner: Heather Angelika Dooley


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