Much too often it is much too easy to forget that a PERSON is someone’s child, sister, aunt, wife, or mother when we’re catcalling, name-calling, slut-shaming, objectifying, ridiculing, poking fun, or bullying. No matter who she is, she is someone important and unique to someone else; and no matter what she does for a living, how she acts in public, or what rumors you’ve heard about her, we have no way of knowing anything about her life without walking in her shoes.

To be a Gallant Girl or Gallant Guy means to use empathy and to try not to judge. To be a Gallant Girl or Gallant Guy means to speak about about someone else’s body and lifestyle with respect. To be a Gallant Girl or Gallant Guy is to never objectify a PERSON even if they are over-sexualizing themselves — they are someone’s child, sister, aunt, wife or mother. Just try imagining if they were yours before you go to make that comment you were thinking about making. It’s even easier to keep it to yourself than it is to say it out loud.

This applies to both genders, as well.

~ Heather Angelika
Founder/Owner of Gallant Girls


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