We have another contestant for the Official Gallant Girl Icon Contest! Gallant Girls & Guys, meet Kyleigh (age 10)!

I don’t know about you, but I love that her character stands up for what and who she believes in, and that she sees herself as a “scrapper” for those things. It sounds to me that 10-year-old Kyleigh may have modeled her Official Gallant Girl “Sara” off of herself, because she sounds pretty darn brave to me. Way to be, Gallant Girl Kyleigh! Thank you so very much for entering the contest and letting me feature your artwork — I am REALLY impressed with the talent and character you possess. (And my almost-10-year-old daughter is also addicted to chocolate, and would *totally* agree with you that it is a part of the major food group. ::grin::)

“I love music! I like to play the piano, guitar and flute. I listen to pop music and soft, melodic music. I love to write stories. I like to play soccer and run around with my friends. My favorite kind of food is chocolate. I am addicted to it. The character in my artwork fights for her family and the people around her. She is really brave and is a scrapper. To me being gallant means overcoming your fears.”

Everyone give Kyleigh a round of applause, please. She’s the bee’s knees if you ask me! Remember: “Not strong for a girl, just strong!”

~ Heather Angelika
Gallant Girls Owner & Founder


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